kScript example

This charpter contains kScript examples. Download the zip file, import into Kooboo, and preview the related views or pages.

kScript blog management

Create/delete blog items,  blog list and detail views, list blogs based on type. Blogs are stored in the site text content. 


kScript  Database Table

Create/delete blog items,  blog list and detail views. The difference between above example is that this example save blog item on database table. 


File manager

kScript has access HTML form data and uploaded files. Below example is a very simple online file manager system that has the functions of upload, preview and delete files.  


Event based A/B Test

Implement page A/B test based on event. When visiting PageA, there is a chance that content of PageB will be showed. 

This is implemented by the IF THIS THEN THAT event rule on pageFound event. 


Event based Url redirect

Implement redirect using event.  When visiting pagea,  content of pageb will be showed.  This is defined in the RouteFinding event.  


Kooboo user login

Login and logout using Kooboo user.


User management based on kScript

Implement user registration, login, and create personal projects.  User info stored in a seperated database table