Kooboo JavaScript Extension

kScript is a server side JavaScript engine that support full ES5 syntax, with an additional k object. Kooboo use kScript to write extensions like Job, Event Activity, Database operation, etc. You may embed KScript in your html file(view, layout, page) with a script engine=kscript tag, or create external kScript file


requestrequestHttp Request collection
responseresponseThe http response object that is used to set data into http resposne stream
sessionsessionkScript session data
sitesiteKooboo website database
urlurlUrl GET/POST functions
filefileFile IO operation
dataContextdataContextthe dataContext of kView engine, the tag attribute based kooboo render engine. You can explicit set value into dataContext or any global variables defined within JavaScript is accessible by dataContext as well.
mailmailSend emails
securitySecurityHash, Encrypt, Decrypt functions
infoInfoAccess to current request information
userUserUser information and login/logout function