1.1 What Is Kooboo?

Kooboo is a new kind of web builder. It brings many innovative features. The list can be really long, we list 10 unique functions here. 

2 seconds to start

The first CMS that only take only 2 seconds to start. You can either use the online version directly or download the kooboo.zip, unpack and double click kooboo.exe to start. Within 2 seconds, everything will be up and running. No installation needed, click and go. 

1 millisecond page rendering time

The first CMS that can render a dynamic page within 1 millisecond. The time took to render a dynamic page varies, reading 10 items from database and rendering with view engine normally take more than 50 milliseconds. At Kooboo, this can be reduced to 1-2 milliseconds.  The database engine behind Kooboo can reach 200K reads per seconds on a PC with single CPU.

No learning curve

The first CMS that can start with almost anything. You can copy a website by a single URL, upload Microsoft office document, PDF, or standard HTML package zip. It will be unpacked, converted, and make available as pages for editing within Kooboo.  And of course, it is so easy to export and import kooboo site packages. 

In the future, you will be able to upload .psd or .png files, can all the related html code will be generated. 

Click anywhere and edit anything

The first CMS that allows you to inline edit anything. You can click anywhere on the webpage and edit anything directly. When you click an image, the image editing menu appears, when you click on a repeating data item, the content editing menu appears. Kooboo automatically detect what you click on and enable you to edit text, image, data, menu, font, color, css styles and many more. 


Everything is logged and can be reverted

Every change you make to the website is logged, you can undo one action, restore your website to a certain time in the past or checkout an entire new website based on the log. For developers using source control tool like Git or Svn. Kooboo make the entire website under source control. 

Relational Website

Every object inside the website, their relations to each other is maintained and update automatically. You know where an image is being used, whether it is in the page content or in the stylesheet.

The entire website is not isolated any more. Layout, view, image, text content, you know where to find them. 

One click incremental deployment

The first CMS that really support incremental deployment. You see exactly which item you edited. Selecting and publishing changed items to remote live site by 2 clicks. 

Export whole website or partial content and import into another instance is also supported. 

No CDN, No Cache needed

No need to configure CDN or cache any more. A better alternative has been created. You can synchronize your website across multiple datacenter and load balancing nearby traffic. Your website will be very fast for any one from anywhere in the world.  More and more data center will be added into the system. 

No DNS A record, MX record setup, website goes line instantly

You do not need to setup your domain DNS record any more. If you register your domain somewhere else, you need to change the DNS server to kooboo DNS servers that provided to you when you are adding your domain to Kooboo. 

All A record, CNAME, Mx Record will be created for you automatically. 

Develop dynamic website without developers

Developing dynamic website requires querying data out of database, merging them with HTML and sending them to web browser. This normally is a job for backend developers. By Kooboo, you do not need backend developers any more. As long you know HTML, you can develop fully function dynamic database driven website yourself, includes advanced functions like Full Text Search and Contact US forms.