Views are used to display content or functional blocks. You can use standard HTML code to write your view. In this example we have three article views, which have been created by the sample website template:

Article.Category: A list of categories that have articles

Article.List: A list of all articles or a list of articles per category

Article.Detail: Detailed page of every article.

To edit or create views, click on Development in the left menu. Then click on Views. You will see the Article folder. Click on the folder to see the following screen:


To edit a view you can click on it, or click on the Edit icon which is located on the right side. Now you will see the view editing page.


Here you can change or add any HTML code to suit your needs.

The above code samples are auto generated by Data rule.

The @ mark is the MVC Razor view engine syntax. item.Title is a field from the Categories Datarule. Datarule is a visual query designer to get content from the database. To insert fields from the Datarule, click on the csharp icon, which is located in the DataRules menu.

 Data rule

Data rule is a data query visual designer from Kooboo CMS. To add a new Datarule to your current view, click on the Add button, which is located in the DataRules menu. For more information about Datarules.


 Kooboo data api

For more complicated queries you can use the kooboo data api or write your own sql query. See Query examples.

 Code helper

Like in layout editing, you can use a code helper in the view editing screen as well.