Using Visual Studio.NET 2010/2012

You can use Visual Studio.NET to develop Kooboo CMS view/layout or extensions. To develop views and layouts, follow the steps below.

Download and install ASP.NET MVC 4 from: The default view engine of Kooboo CMS is Razor which is only available on ASP.NET MVC 3 and up.

Open your Visual Studio.NET, and select Open Web Site

Select the kooboo_cms folder. For any view or layout you created inside Kooboo CMS, you can find a related template file under the Visual studio. A View in Kooboo CMS is connected to a folder in the disk with one setting file and one template file. See below.

Click to modify the template using the View engine syntax you selected.

Now you can edit them within Visual Studio.NET with Intellisence supported. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can edit view or layout within Visual Studio.NET. But you must create view or layout using the CMS interface