Submission plug-in development





Setup environment

Create a plug-in project using the VS.NET extension template. Give it a name.

Submission Plug-in is designed for form submission

Find the sample code under “/extensions/submission”. To create a submission plug-in, uncomment the code file and move it the file location you want.


Implement ISubmissionPlugin

Parameters: You can define parameters for submission plug-in and assign values to them when using it.

Submit: The event to execute your business code when a form is submitted



-         First build your VS project to generate the dll

-         Run your VS project, it is a standard Kooboo website, login to the CMS and navigate to the website you want to debug with.

-         Upload your dll (eg kooboo.cms.myname.dll) under the “Extension/Plug-ins” menu.

-         Under menu “development/Submission setting”, create a new submission, name it “SubName”

-         Create a front end form, submit to URL:


-         Start develop and debug your plug-in.

Debug feature will be improved in the next version.

Deployment &
Use the plug-in

-         On the site that requires this plug-in, goes to “Extension/plug-in”, and upload the plug-in dll there. Your plug-in is now available on that website.

-         Under menu “development/submission settings”, create a new submission.

-         Create a form and submit to the submission


Plugin is site based now, each site should upload its own plugin dlls, dll will overwrite each other and exists in the same bin location