Page settings

Kooboo page is a set of configuration values that will be used to generate the final presentation of a page. There are more settings than just the page visual design; you can also define the HTML meta, site menu, URL rules, etc. 


This defines some general settings of your page; you can see the tooltip next to every item. 



This information will be used by the menu API to build the website menu. 



This is for HTML meta tag or custom header information in the page. 



This is used to generate user friendly URLs. You are free to change a URL in many different ways or to link a page to an external URL. 


SEO Friendly URL

One of the features of URL ROUTE is that you can change your website URL however you like, to make it more SEO friendly and user friendly. 

For example, in your webpage, you may have a URL like

This URL contains a parameter {UserKey}. In above screen, you can put the string: anyvalue_{UserKey} into the field: URL path. That will convert the URL with query string into a static-like URL.  

The "Alternative name" can give your full path page name an alternative, nicer-sounding name.