Folder management

Before adding any content, you first need to create a folder with the right content type. The settings of Workflow, Role based permission, and content relation can be defined on content folders. 

Add a folder and content

Click on Database and then click on Contents to open the content folder list page.


Click on the 'Create folder' button to create a new folder.


Now give your folder a name and select the proper content type. If your content contains category information, for example news belongs to a news category, then you can also assign a category folder to your content folder.

Click Save to save the changes. You are done, now you can start to add your content. Navigate to the folder you just created and click Add Content on the top menu to add your content items. See below screen.



Relation folders

Relation folders are used to make connections between two content folders.  There are two types of connections: Category relations and embedded relations.  This is very similar to the database one-one and many-many relation. For example, each article belongs to a category, and each article may embedded zero or more comments. 

In the folder creation page, you can select the category folder name and embedded folder name. 

relation folders

Category folder

If you assign a category folder, in the content editing page, you can select the value for that category folder.


If you assign a category folder, when you query the content folder from DataRule designer,  you can select the category folder as a content filter. 


Embedded folder

To manage content in an embedded folder, you need to use the API access. You can view the embedded content from the content list page in the CMS backend. 


Folder permission

When you want to secure access to a content folder or execute a workflow before content is published, you can define this in the PERMISSION SETTING of that folder. 


Role base is to control the security by clear user roles. 
Workflow can be used to secure a content folder as well. When users are not included in the Workflow, they do not have access to the content folder as well.  Workflow is not just about security, it is used to define content publishing flows. More information can be found in the workflow section. 

Content management

This section on the folder setting is about defining the content display, sorting and paging information.