Text Content management

After adding a content type and a content folder, you can start to add content to your websites.  It is very simple to do so. 

Navigate to the content folder into which you would like to add content, and click the Add Content button on the top as shown in the below screen. 


Enter the content based on the content fields you defined in the content type page. 


You can refer to a media file from the Tinymce rich text editor or use a MediaFile control type to link to media files. 


Version control

When you add or change text content on Kooboo CMS, Kooboo CMS will automatically create a new content version containing the latest changes.

You can view the entire editing history and roll back to any previous version.

To access the version history, click the Versions icon on the content grid list page.


The version history page opens as below:

Roll back to a specific version: select the version to which you want to revert, click the Preview button, and then click the Revert button.