Content broadcasting and sharing

Content broadcasting is Kooboo’s unique and simple way to share contents between sites. Content broadcasting is defined at the content folder level. You can define which content folders broadcast content to the public. The receiving content repository can decide which content to take into its own content repository.

Enable content broadcasting

The content broadcasting is disabled by default; you need to enable it by the following settings.


Sending content

After content broadcasting is enabled, you can find the Broadcasting menu on the left. Define the sending rules to broadcast content out to the public. Click Create in the top menu and select the folders that you would like to broadcast content.





In the repository that you would like to receive the broadcasted content, click the receiving in the left menu and create a new rule.


After the rule is created, when new contents are added to the broadcasting parent website, you will be able to see them in the receiving website. The content from the broadcasted repository will be marked as Unlocalized item.

Note: If you do not localize an item of content, it will be affected by updated actions from the broadcasted content repository. If you localize content, there will no longer be a relation with the broadcasted content repository.