Upgrading Kooboo CMS 3.x into the latest version is very simple. The standard upgrade procedure is:

  1. Download the Kooboo CMS released packages.

  2. Extract the Kooboo_CMS.zip into a new folder.

  3. Deploy the providers that your site are using into the BIN folder. See: Setup database provider, Setup template engines, Setup user provider

  4. Copy the Cms_Data of the old site into the new Kooboo CMS folder.

  5. Assign the IIS Web site to the new Kooboo CMS folder.

  6. Sometimes you need to reset the content type template. Go to content type, select the types you want to reset, and click Reset. 

  7. If you have plugins or modules in your website, you need to re-compile them with the lastest plugin or mudule VS.NET template. 

  8. Done.

Upgrading from Kooboo 2.x or earlier versions requires some manual upgrading; please refer to the document in the Technical Articles for more information.