The Kooboo team offers the following services and products:

Kooboo service

Kooboo develops personalized solutions for clients such as T-Mobile, Lost Boys, Menzis, UPC, Grolsch and Beemster. We specialize in .NET technology and apply it to interactive websites, content management systems, ecommerce, platforms, web applications, social media, mobile apps, and much more. We use Kooboo CMS exclusively for our projects.

Kooboo product

Kooboo products contains all the tools you need to build your online business. From web design, CMS, Ecomerce to Internet marketing. Kooboo products run some of the busiest Ecommerce websites in all of Europe.

Kooboo people

Kooboo provides highly trained developers to help our clients implement their digital solutions using Kooboo or other web techniques. Kooboo developers can work remotely from our low cost Asian office or directly work at client offices in European countries.


Want more information about the Kooboo and learn what we can do for you? 
Please contact Guoqi Zheng, CEO, at 86 153 59241007 or via Guoqi AT